Tuesday, October 13, 2009

GPS System Accessories : Garmin A/C Power Cable for n?vi Portable GPS

The Garmin Nuvi AC charger comes with adapters for various voltages. It works as you would expect. I think it should have been included with the unit as standard.

I bought this for my wife who travels every month. She often has to stay in hotels, so this lets her to charge her GPS in her room

I was happy with this product, the shipping time was quick and the price was great! When I searched for this product in several different stores, it was never available and if I wanted any of the stores to order it in for me, the price was much higher than what I paid for it on Amazon.


SWATI said...

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Battaile said...

Yeah, I agree, this should be included. I bought a Garmin from http://handheldgpssystems.org which I've been very happy with but would definitely have appreciated this being included in the purchase.

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