Monday, October 12, 2009

GPS Mapping Software : Magellan 2009 One-Time U.S. Map Update for

Easy update by inserting SD card into Maestro 3250 SD slot and resetting unit. It now takes about 20 seconds longer to reboot the unit. Once the SD card is read, GPS asks to sleect your region (Lower 48 SD), etc. If you check your User Options/Map info, it will display Map version 7.0.

NOTE: you must backup using another SD card. I tried backing up the addresses and the Update SD will not let me. You cannot copy the update to a larger 4gb SD card from the original 2gb card.

Update your software to v. 3.12 first from Magellan website. Remove old sd card,install new card,hit reset button.That's it.

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