Sunday, September 27, 2009

GPS Mapping Software : Garmin n?Maps Lifetime North America Map Updates

With a single purchase, customers will have access to multiple map updates each year for the life of their Garmin GPS. Each map update includes new information about streets, highways, addresses and points of interests.

Know where to go when streets change or new restaurants and other businesses open. With n?Maps Lifetime, you'll get the most up-to-date maps available--for the life of your Garmin GPS. This one-time, single purchase gives you access to the newest map information on streets, highways and points of interest as soon as new content is available. Then, you can download the new data to your device, retrieving up to four updates per year, for the lifetime of your Garmin GPS. It's the most comprehensive update plan you can buy.

We have a 3 year old Garmin 350. We find the unit itself is very easy to use. Our problem is we used our fee update 18 months ago and it did not include much of the new road construction around us. We also found that the changing face of our city had many new, moved and closed businesses and our Points of Interest were also out of date. An update was imminent and it was going to cost us this time. I saw on the lifetime map updates on the Garmin site and thought I might find a bit better deal and that brought me here where one of the vendors had a great deal.

If you are unsure whether an update has the new features you are looking for you can preview the detailed US map on the Garmin shopping site. Be careful there are lists of "supported Nuvi units" on some of the vendors sites that are woefully incomplete. For instance our 350 was not on the vendor list, but after a search I was able to find a list on the Garmin shopping site that seems to list all the Nuvi and other units. The product page has a ton of information but you may have to dig around a bit to find it.

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