Saturday, July 31, 2010

Garmin Astro Bundle 220 Dog Tracking GPS

Garmin Astro Bundle 220 Dog Tracking GPS

I purchased the Astro 220/DC30 in May of 2009 for my Samoyed who if you have ever owned a sled dog (Samoyeds, Huskies, etc), you know all too well their fondness for roaming, chasing, and running all the while forgetting to listen (ignoring is more like it!) for you calling them!

I now feel extremely comfortable when my dog is off leash on hikes, as the Astro 220 does as advertised. I know whether my dog is on the move, treeing some sort of critter, or resting. I also know what direction she is located and approximately how far away she is. It's also come in handy finding my way back to the car a couple of times.

* See Current Location and a Trail of Where Your Dog Been on the Map Page of Your Handheld
* Search for Over 6 Million Points of Interest
* Create a Route on Roads with Exact Turn by Turn Directions

Buy $488 Garmin Astro Bundle 220 Dog Tracking GPS

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